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Hello, My name is Fawn. I also go by Eyliuhs for my cosplay. I'm a young adult currently discovering more in life along the odd streets of LA, CA. I'm an open minded person who occupies time with many hobbies. Some of those being crafting, cosplay, and art. I plan to advance my life into a career of technical and performing theatre with a great dream and aspiration of possibly becoming a costume designer (with a side passion of acting) which I am currently studying at Calarts. Along this tumblr blog you will find funny, controversial, religious, cosplay, and personal posts. You have been warned. :)

I am a Polytheistic. I identify as a Pagan and Witch. Thank you.

To followers:

Look, I’ve done this post multiple times so here is another one. 

This blog is contantly changing. 

I am a cosplayer. I don’t always post my cosplay on here. Here is where I post most of my cosplay: (CLICK HERE)

I am an anime nerd. 

A Disney Dork. 

An Atlantis lover 

A gothic person. 

A witch. 

A pagan.

Yes, I answer tons of questions sometimes and make text posts.

Some tags that I do in case you want to block them, witch, witchcraft, pagan, gore.  

I’m also a college student who goes on hiatus for a couple of days at a time. But I do always come back. Be patient with me. 

There. Thank you for following me. 



please look at this panel of lee referring to the girl he supposedly has a crush on and the boy who once tried to kill him


now look at those honorifics and tell me nothings funny about that at all

nonbinarymermaid … your thoughts?